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Because of this, and LC World’s aspiration to bring new foreigners to work and study in Canada this 2022, a series of lists were developed including: In-Demand Skills, In-Demand Jobs (including remote mode), and Higher-Paying Jobs.

Skills in project management, cleaning, administrative support and sales are also key today, so numerous related positions are open to both locals and foreigners.

Additionally, this has broadened the range of applicants and the number of selection options for employers, who understand that in some cases it is not necessary for a worker to be present in an office or establishment in order to perform his or her job.

In addition to the jobs mentioned above, there are other positions that are also in demand, and at the same time are on the rise and projected to be the most sought after jobs in the future of Canadian society.

South Africa job opportunities

En el programa de Canadá los trabajos están relacionados con el curso realizado así que pueden ser trabajos remunerados en empresas en puestos de administración, negocios, marketing, recursos humanos, finanzas, trabajos cualificados en sector turístico, etc.

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Working in South Africa

Greenland which means, in Inuit language, “Land of men” is an island located in the extreme north of the Atlantic Ocean. It is a nation that is part of the Kingdom of Denmark. It is the largest island on the planet, (Australia, which is 3 times larger is considered a continent), and at the same time it is the least densely populated nation in the world. Living and working in Greenland is not for everyone.

Since Greenland’s coastline is part of the permafrost zone, buildings must be constructed to withstand the seasonal freezing and thawing of the permafrost subway. Therefore, as in all circumpolar areas of the world, (with the exception of parts of Russia), there are no skyscrapers or excessively tall houses.

Greenlanders are friendly and helpful. Everyone knows everyone, even in Nuuk, the capital. All citizens, Greenlanders, Danes and people of other nationalities, live together in a large community.

The currency is the Danish krone. Life is expensive and, compared to the already very expensive Scandinavia, the price level is 10% higher. Alcohol, tobacco and fresh vegetables are expensive because they have to be imported completely (except potatoes in the summer). However, health and education are free.

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