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South Africa on your own


I want to clarify one point: this mini guide is ideal for those who travel to South Africa on their own because that’s how I did it. I didn’t pay for a travel agency to set up the route for me, I let the destination itself do it for me during the 22 days of the trip.

This will depend on your country of birth. For example, I am Chilean and I only needed my passport to travel there. For many countries it is not necessary to apply for a visa if you will stay in the country for less than 90 days (3 months).

This is one of the most frequent doubts for those who visit South Africa, especially if they come from Latin America. Most of the trips from this part of the continent have a stopover in Sao Paulo (Brazil), so the yellow fever vaccine is mandatory. And when I say it is mandatory, it is real. I was asked for the vaccination certificate when I was about to board the plane to Johannesburg and if I had not had the famous paper, I would not have been able to take the plane. So do not take this point lightly.

Iberia South Africa

One&Only Cape Town2,292 reviews Cape Town Centre, South Africa “Beautiful hotel with pure purity climate and ambiance with fresh air and sunshine and the beauty of swimming pool with shorts sports shirt to do swimming sport and taste the food and… “from

The Farm Inn261 reviews Pretoria, South Africa “The place is on the outskirts of Pretoria. I went in the evening for dinner booked for a congress and the place is quaint and the food is good. Then I went back during the day for the animal tour and took… “from

Southern Sun Bloemfontein786 reviews Bloemfontein, South Africa “This hotel is beautiful, especially the views from the superior rooms. The service staff at this hotel is very friendly and predisposed. A nice experience. I recommend it if you visit… “from

Cape Grace managed by Accor2,561 reviews Cape Town Central, South Africa “The room was very comfortable, they waited for us with champagne, the breakfast is amazing, oysters, smoked salmon, whatever you can think of. You can walk to the Victoia and Albert waterfront to eat or do… “from

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South Africa is expensive

We will not deny it, as soon as we found out that one of the destinations of the KLM Sustainable Flight Award was Cape Town, the first thing we did was to look at the budget for traveling to South Africa, because we did not want to go over budget once we arrived at our destination.

When we started looking at prices on our own, we realized that traveling to South Africa on your own is not as expensive as it seems, and that the price of a safari in South Africa is much cheaper than in other countries. The fact that you can do the safari on your own and with your own car, allows you to reduce the costs drastically. And yes, it is totally safe to do a safari on your own.

South Africa has surprised us positively for being a very economical country, almost at Asian levels, believe it or not. The South African rand, the local currency, was at the time of our visit (August 2019) quite weak against the euro, which guaranteed us a very favorable exchange rate of 17R for 1€. We always look at the exchange rate on

We wanted to simplify in an infographic the budget to travel to South Africa on your own in 12 days of travel, being two people (which is always somewhat cheaper when sharing expenses). As you can see, we have separated it into 3 parts, to make clear the expenses for each stage of the trip.

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