Cheapest countries in africa to travel

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Although we usually associate the Maghreb countries with a completely different place, we should not forget that places like Morocco are still part of the African continent. Caressed by the Sahara and nurtured by a tapestry of vibrant imperial cities, the country of couscous owes much of its charm to the bazaars of Marrakech, the exoticism of places like the Draa Valley, or the psychedelia of villages like the blue Chaouen, not far from the Mediterranean coast. Undoubtedly, one of the safest countries in Africa.

Beautiful countries of Africa

It is located off the coast of Senegal and is composed of a group of islands. You can enjoy volcanoes, turtles and beaches in total tranquility, horseback riding on the beach or visit the islands of Santa Monica or Salt.

You can travel by car and discover its colors, smells and flavors. Visit cities like Marrakech and admire the Kutubia Mosque or the Bahia Palace. If you want to know the deep Morocco, go to the valleys of Ourika or Ouarzazate. You can not miss the desert of Erg Chegaga and the stars when the sky is clear.

Namibia is one of the safest countries in Africa and stands out for its desert dunes and savannah. Some must-see places are the Etosha National Park, Cape Cross, the Skeleton Coast, the Namib Desert or Swakopmund.

It is located next to Namibia and also stands out as one of the safest countries in Africa. Its main tourist attraction is the Okavango Delta, where you can see lions, hippos, elephants and antelopes.

Best countries in Africa to live in

Backpacking is one of the most fun and economical ways to travel around the world. It’s always easier to travel with minimal luggage in your backpack and it’s not all bad to stay in cheap places, especially if you’re a student or simply can’t afford a luxury destination. If you think you have to be rich to be able to travel, it’s not true. If you’re on a tight budget you won’t go to luxury hotels, okay, but that’s not the purpose of traveling.  The purpose of traveling is really to see the world and have unforgettable experiences. That’s why backpacking is one of the best ways to do it. Here is a list of 10 cheap countries to travel to, so start planning your next trip right now.

Choose your destination and don’t forget to protect your backpacking trip with the right insurance according to your travel plans. We’ll give you more information below, but remember that travel insurance helps you receive quality medical assistance at no cost, avoid expenses for lost or stolen luggage, flight delays and cancellations, or even trip cancellations or interruptions.


Traveling is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Organizing Easter vacations, planning a sightseeing tour and packing your bags is exciting if you like to visit new places and discover other cultures. Whether it’s getting to know towns close to where you live or going to the other side of the world.

However, planning can sometimes be a bit tedious. Not knowing which destination to choose or having a smaller budget can hinder your desired getaway that breaks the monotony of everyday work and home.

In Oceania you can visit countries like Australia, New Zealand, the islands of New Guinea, Fiji or Polynesia, places you can’t miss. However, this is one of the continents that is farthest from Europe, which makes it much more expensive than other destinations.

With this list of the five cheapest destinations in each continent, you will have no excuse to grab your bags and travel the world this holiday season. So, make the most of your vacations and organize a trip.

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