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Our proposal is based on the tour “South Africa in a week”, this tour includes Cape Town, Kruguer Park and Mpulanga, is the minimum tour for those who have a week. This same tour we have with the Mauritius Island “South Africa the best with Mauritius”, for those who like to finish the vacation on a beach, it is offered with an extra night and the possibility of putting the ones you want online.

Now, the package tour that we recommend, without a doubt, is “South Africa in full”, this tour includes in addition to the above the Garden Route and the immeasurable Victoria Falls, a true wonder of nature.

The basic trip is undoubtedly South Africa in one week, from there you can incorporate the “Garden Route” area, from Oudtshoorn to Knysna. Another option to add is Victoria Falls, which you can do from Zimbawue or Zambia.

The base circuit we offer in the country is called South Africa in one week. This trip includes the necessary and essential to visit in the country, on the one hand Cape Town and on the other hand the Kurger National Park where we will be able to observe the animals in a photographic safari of two days of duration. For sure you will see the big five, which is a goal of every traveler on this trip. Also included is a visit to the Johannesburg area, airport to which you arrive and return to your origin. Transfers to Cape Town are by air.


Traveling is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Organizing Easter vacations, planning a sightseeing tour and packing your bags is exciting if you like to visit new places and discover other cultures. Whether it’s getting to know towns close to where you live or going to the other side of the world.

However, planning can sometimes be a bit tedious. Not knowing which destination to choose or having a smaller budget can hinder your desired getaway that breaks the monotony of everyday work and home.

In Oceania you can visit countries like Australia, New Zealand, the islands of New Guinea, Fiji or Polynesia, places you can’t miss. However, this is one of the continents that is farthest from Europe, which makes it much more expensive than other destinations.

With this list of the five cheapest destinations in each continent, you will have no excuse to grab your bags and travel the world this holiday season. So, make the most of your vacations and organize a trip.


That ever-growing travel bucket list might be taking a toll on your wallet, but there are plenty of destinations where you’ll get more on a budget. From Greece to Guatemala, we’ll uncover 20 cheap places to travel to, without breaking your bank account.

If you’ve already visited Brazil and Argentina, or are simply looking for a cheaper destination, head to neighboring Uruguay. This country is known for its gastronomy, mainly meat, as well as a large number of beautiful beaches to choose from. Among Uruguay’s beaches, Cabo Polonio stands out. Of course, Montevideo, is the beautiful and ancient capital of the country.

Despite being very present in tourism, Prague remains one of the cheapest capitals in Europe to visit. For just a few Czech crowns you can enjoy a hearty meal.The city itself is a beauty, steeped in history and perfect for leisurely explorations.

Often unfairly overlooked, Bulgaria has much to offer budget travelers. Places like some of the most deserted beaches in Europe, at bargain prices. In addition to its attractive coastline, there are also many charming old towns, such as Varna on the coast and ancient Plovdiv, and a number of spectacular mountain ranges that are perfect for exploration on foot or by bicycle.

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