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In addition and fortunately, only 200 kilometers from Cape Town, exclusive boats with experts and luxury diving lovers from all over the world set sail daily in search of the great King and marine predator… the majestic White Shark of South Africa. Adrenaline lover?

The so-called red desert of Africa, Kalahari, the fifth largest in the world and located in the south of the continent, will surprise you by the striking and peculiar reddish colors of its sands; as well as its neighbor and magnificent Namib Desert, with a wide wildlife full of antelopes, giraffes and meerkats crossing the luxurious and infinite landscape of Namibia and its spellbinding Skeleton Coast. And on the other hand, Botswana [awarded as the green oasis of the Kalahari] offers the famous wetlands of the Okavango Delta; and Chobe National Park. Did you know that it is home to 120,000 elephants?

Who hasn’t heard of Victoria Falls?    Did you know that… the best angle and perspectives are enjoyed through a magical helicopter flight? Zambia safaris will give a lot to talk about, it is a place of natural wonders, extremely mysterious and peculiar.

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For us, Africa is something else. Another world. The most different continent of all. For the good, the incredible and the wonderful… but also for the bad. Traveling in Africa has broken all our schemes, it forces us to adapt to another environment, another speed and another way of doing things. To a completely different way of living and feeling them.

As we were saying, Africa works at a different pace and, possibly, it is not the pace you had imagined. Many things will go wrong, fatal or worse. The maps will not coincide with the roads you will find, your GPS will almost never have coverage and you will possibly get lost a thousand and one times. You will end up sleeping in a salt desert, among a million stars, or in a forest warming yourself by a campfire.

You will see how your car, your clothes and your backpack will be covered with dust and dirt five minutes after washing them. Orange sand that refuses to come out of your shoes, even though it’s been more than a week since you ran down Dune 7. Everything will be full of the sand of the dunes of the Namib Desert, the sand that covers the granite peaks of Spitzkoppe, the sand that you will see on the roads of Moremi National Park or in Etosha. And, perhaps, then, you will not feel so different from the Himba women who use that reddish earth to cover their bodies, to braid their hair. Or the elephants, who smear themselves with mud every chance they get to resist the high temperatures and protect their thick skin from the sun.

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Although I am used to traveling without a set itinerary or following a group, when planning my trip in Africa I preferred to rely on a local company that would allow me to visit the best of each country during the short period of time I had (14 days in my case). Besides sharing some laughs during the trip, as well as meeting new people, is always welcome.

I hired the tour “Okavango & Chobe Trail – North 2017” from Nomad Tour, because the tour seemed very interesting and the service offered according to the base price I paid ZAR 9,950 (approx. 610€).

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