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Best time to go on safari in Africa


Animal migration in Tanzania is circular. They move clockwise from the Serengeti Park in northern Tanzania to the Masai Mara Reserve in southern Kenya, returning again to the Serengeti. The exact time depends on the onset of the rains and other factors.

If we take into account that wildlife viewing is the main objective of a trip to Tanzania, coinciding with the large herds of herbivores is essential to know what is the best time to travel to Tanzania.

Between June and July, arriving to the Serengeti corridor, the migration is divided in two: one that goes directly north to enter the Grumeti and Lobo areas; and another group goes to the big rivers in the west (Mara, Grumeti and its tributaries).

We propose an active trip to Tanzania, with different walks in natural landscapes, which will contrast with the stages in vehicle. In the Serengeti the savannah reaches its maximum expression and the horizon appears unreachable. We will explore it on the crossing to Seronera and during two full days of safari.

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If you are planning a Kilimanjaro trek, you should aim for the months of January and February or June to October. The two dry periods are the best travel times for trekking in Tanzania . Despite the enormous altitude, it is surprisingly warm in both periods. Logically, it also rains less during the dry season, which is also a great advantage for outdoor activities.

The best travel time for a beach vacation in Tanzania is from mid-December to February and from June to October. Especially the austral summer from December to February is considered the main travel season, because these months fall in the dry season. Great temperatures of at least 30°C and almost no rain put a smile on the face of all beach lovers.

This is followed by the first big rainy season in Tanzania from March until the end of May. April in particular brings heaps of rain, while temperatures remain the same. The consequence is high humidity. With an average of 18 rainy days per month, you should think twice before traveling to Tanzania at this time.

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Tanzania is a country of great nature, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa, among its main attractions include Mount Kilimanjaro, Lake Victoria and the many wild animals that live in freedom for its vast plains. But besides safaris Tanzania hides many attractions that attract more and more tourists such as paradisiacal beaches and water sports.

But if you are considering a trip to Tanzania surely you already know all this and what really interests you is to know what is the best time to go to Tanzania … well, you are on the right website … let’s get to it!

The second period goes from June to October, where you can visit the whole country both north and south. Between the months of June and August is the high season and prices and hotel occupancy skyrockets. If you are traveling during these months, book your hotels in advance. You can also visit the beautiful beaches of southern Tanzania.

The second period goes from June to October, which is favorable to discover the whole territory since it is possible to enjoy the climate in the north and south of the country. However as the period between June and August, coincides with the tourist season, it is advisable to book your accommodation in advance because most hotels are full, while prices are high. The weather is indeed conducive to the frequentation of the beaches, as well as the observation of animals, which are often grouped around water points.

Best time to travel to serengeti

As soon as you get some information you realize that it is important to know the best time to travel to Tanzania. Because the success of your vacation and everything you want to enjoy in its incredible environment will depend on it.

First of all, let’s confess something: any time is a good time to travel to Tanzania, of course! Because there is no ideal time for everyone, each person has their own tastes and interests and is looking for a particular adventure on the African continent.    But what is important to get the most out of your visit is that you know a little about its climate, so you can choose previously knowing what you can find. The country has a tropical climate, but with different variations that depend mainly on factors such as altitude and region. While the coastal areas have milder temperatures, the interior tends to have temperatures that drop more at night but during the day can exceed 40° in certain periods. As it is very close to the equator, there are no major differences between summer and winter, although there is a clear distinction between the dry and rainy seasons.

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