Best time to travel to kenya africa

Best time to go on safari in Africa


If most of your trip is focused on safaris and game viewing, the ideal weather is warm and dry. The main reason is that this type of weather allows unrestricted access to national parks for 4×4 vehicles without the worry of being trapped by bad weather. January is usually quite hot and dry throughout the country. And the country is in full swing this month, as resorts are still catering to travelers after the long Christmas vacations.

Generally speaking, Mombasa is excellent during the warm and hot months. Late December to late February is a good time to visit this city. You can also plan a visit in September and October. The months of March to May are not ideal for travel, due to prolonged rains.

Best time to travel to kenya and tanzania

If in addition to seeing animals, you want to know what is the weather in Kenya at that time, you have to keep in mind that it will be different if we are on the coast or in the interior plains, where the safaris are made.

At the end of October, it is time to return to the Serengeti. The cycle of the Great Migration is reversed and the show runs in reverse, so the months of October to November are the best time to go on safari in Tanzania.

You may have many questions about how to prepare for a safari. It is clear that both the clothes and all the accessories you wear are not exactly what we are used to.

Look for clothes that do not have bright colors, but rather use colors like brown, green or yellow. Of course no glitter or sequins mainly to avoid attracting the attention of the animals.

Secondly, you will need a visa that you will have to hand in upon arrival in Africa. Surely during your flight they will give you directly the forms that you will have to fill in and hand in when you land.

Travel to kenya in november

Finally in the highlands northwest of Nairobi, above 2,000 meters in July and August, the rains are abundant, months that are generally not very rainy in the rest of Kenya; the relatively dry season is from October to March.

Recommended period: January and February is ideal, from March onwards the rains begin and reach their peak in April and May (not recommended months). From June to September the weather is perfect, in fact it is the other peak of the high season after January / February. From October to December the tourists decrease, there is less sun and rain, but it is still a good time to visit Kenya.

On the coast it is very hot from November to March, with high humidity and highs around 31/32 degrees (and peaks of 36/37). More pleasant from June to August, when it drops to around 28 degrees. In January and February it rains little, in March and December some showers are possible, especially in the south (Mombasa).

Recommended period: the months from June to September (particularly August and September) are ideal as temperatures are relatively lower and rainfall is low. January / February and March / December are pleasant months but the weather is hot. April and May are the rainiest months, while in October / November some showers are possible but immediately leave room for sunshine.

Kenya and tanzania trip

Although this is not always the case, in this case the rule is true that there is no best time to visit Kenya. However, there are differences between the part of Kenya you want to visit. You will be able to visit all the areas in the same trip and at the same time, but you will not see them all in their maximum splendor. In this article we tell you what is the best season for each of the highlights of Kenya to visit on your safari adventure.

If you are organizing a trip in Kenya and you are not planning to do without Mount Kenya, it is key to avoid the rainy seasons, as a Mount Kenya safari is based on hiking, and temperatures can reach -10ºC. All this makes the best months for a Mount Kenya safari January and February, as well as September and October.

If what you want to include in your adventure in Kenya is a trip to the north, to make a safari in the Samburu Reserve, the recommended time are the months of November and December. This is because it is a very hot area, so it is best to visit in the cooler months. However, in June, July and August is the dry season, and temperatures drop in this area, so it can also be a good option, especially if you would like to combine this safari with another in high season.

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