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Temperature Cape Town in winter


And what is the predominant climate in South Africa? Given its great extension and geographical variety there are a variety of climates and microclimates, although the Mediterranean climate predominates with mild summers and cool winters with well-defined seasons. But in the east and northeast of the country the climate is tropical, with two distinct seasons, dry and rainy. And in the extreme west of the country the climate is semi-arid, where rainfall is scarce and temperatures are higher than the country’s average.

Spring is a highly recommended time to visit Cape Town. Temperatures are warm but not stifling, the average maximum temperature ranges from 21º to 25ºC. While the average minimum temperature rises from 15ºC in October to almost 25ºC in December. It does not usually rain a lot, at most 30 mm in the month of October. Another advantage of this season is the daily hours of sunlight, which reach 334 hours in the whole month of December.

Picturesque neighborhood with houses painted in very attractive colors and that invite photography lovers to take pictures and more pictures. One of the most emblematic streets is Wale Street, and also Chiap-pini Street, Rose Street. The neighborhood is not very extensive and a couple of hours can be enough to visit it.

Seasons of the year in South Africa

If you plan to go on safari to Mpumalanga and Limpopo, then the best time to travel is winter. Why?  Because these two provinces are very pleasant as it is sunny and warm during the day and dry and cool at night.  Late winter is popular for wildlife viewing because vegetation is sparse and animals visit the springs to drink. Summer in the Lowveld can be extremely hot due to the high percentage of humidity.

Regardless of the reason, it is quite a spectacle because the shoal is approximately 15 km long, 4 km wide and 40 m deep. It is a feeding frenzy for dolphins, sharks, seabirds and other marine species, which makes it a spectacle for people interested in marine life.

One of the best places to see these majestic marine animals is from the coastal town of Hermanus. It is well known for its reputation of offering the best land-based whale watching in the world.

Cape Town annual climate

We narrated this trip in full both Jairo and I on Instagram Stories. I explained the headaches of its preparation, but, above all, day by day more than 6,000 people saw our adventures and misadventures in a trip that went from much less to more. So much less that I had no confidence that I would like it, that I was really afraid of the news I had read, and so much more that I ended up crying my eyes out as the plane took off.

To tell the truth, when I thought about traveling to South Africa on my own, I was quite scared. The crime rates are shocking and it is well known that sensationalist news are the ones that appear the most in the media. However, after having returned from this trip, I can say that the fear I had was quite unjustified.

We were also walking around the more touristy area of Johannesburg’s Soweto neighborhood (the one around Mandela’s house and the Orlando Towers) and I noticed an atmosphere that was more festive than dangerous.

When it’s winter in South Africa

The weather in South Africa is quite similar to ours. Much of the country has a Mediterranean or oceanic climate, although the interior has a more subtropical climate. However, one of its greatest curiosities is that the two main tourist areas of South Africa have just the opposite climate.

We are talking, of course, about Kruger National Park and Cape Town. The best time to visit the Kruger Park is the austral winter, the time when there is less rainfall and temperatures are less sweltering.

These four seasons are only well defined on the South African coast. Here, moreover, temperatures are tempered by the influence of the ocean, the Atlantic in the western part and the Indian Ocean in the east. However, on the Indian Ocean side, the seasons can even disappear, as in the case of Porth Elizabeth.

The weather in the Kruger Park is usually the reason for choosing the dates of travel. In addition, for people coming from the northern hemisphere it has the advantage that it usually coincides with our summer vacation season.

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