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My first contacts with the continent were working first as a translator and then as a guide during the austral winter. From July to September we discovered the mythical African wildlife and the wonders of Namibia, South Africa, Botswana and Victoria Falls, both from Zimbabwe and neighboring Zambia, where a tourism industry was then beginning to emerge and is now well established.

You may think that Botswana is mostly the Kalahari Desert, and you would be right, but this natural paradise has such a wealth of ecosystems that it is worth planning your trip by comparing seasons and intentions. If you are interested in cruising the waterways and lagoons of the Okavango Delta spotting wildlife from your mokoro, then November to March and June to August is when you want to visit. However, if you want to see the delta in full splendor, we advise you to travel between November and March to witness the birth of a new generation of animals.

Best time to travel to South Africa

If in addition to seeing animals, you want to know what is the weather in Kenya at that time, you have to keep in mind that it will be different if we are on the coast or in the interior plains, where the safaris are made.

At the end of October, it is time to return to the Serengeti. The cycle of the Great Migration is reversed and the show runs in reverse, so the months of October to November are the best time to go on safari in Tanzania.

You may have many questions about how to prepare for a safari. It is clear that both the clothes and all the accessories you wear are not exactly what we are used to.

Look for clothes that do not have bright colors, but rather use colors like brown, green or yellow. Of course no glitter or sequins mainly to avoid attracting the attention of the animals.

Secondly, you will need a visa that you will have to hand in upon arrival in Africa. Surely during your flight they will give you directly the forms that you will have to fill in and hand in when you land.

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All Europe is entering the spring heat so it is a good time to visit almost any country. If you prefer you can also visit Jordan as it has warm weather and no rainfall. The Caribbean is already ending its high season although you can go before the rainy season starts. This month is not the best month to travel to Asia, it is its low season, with the exception of Japan or parts of China. India starts its monsoon season and so does Sri Lanka.

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Safari trips to Africa

In addition, during this season the animals tend to concentrate around lagoons, wells and accumulations of water so it is easier to observe them during the course of a safari. And as the vegetation is less lush and green, we will be able to spot the animals more easily.

The best period to discover the Rift Valley and the West is from June to September, as well as from January to February. In this area you will find volcanoes, plains and lakes, as well as abundant and varied fauna. You will be able to tour the territory aboard safari vehicles in search of zebras, leopards, hippos, rhinos and other wildlife. Easier to spot are the thousands of pink flamingos that invade some of its lakes, such as Lake Nakuru.

Kenya’s many beaches are perfect for leisure and relaxation. Diani, Tiwi or Shela are some of the most beautiful in the country. We also recommend you to drop by the fishing villages, such as Takaungu and Watamu, wonderful.

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