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Mike Dell/Cayuga CollectionBeyond the solar panels installed or sustainable building certifications they may have earned, if a hotel is located in a place with a pronounced tourist season, its green merits will come from how it takes care of its staff when there are no customers.  For more than two decades, Cayuga Collection-managed hotels in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama have taken advantage of off-season periods to train their staff, keeping them on the job and actively investing in human capital. When there are no guests, Cayuga’s staff is dedicated to the maintenance of the premises. Having everyone pitch in with sanding, varnishing and repair work creates a bond between workers that enriches the quality of their service when the hotels are back in operation.In that same spirit of positive impact, guest loyalty exercises are created. “When our luxury eco-lodges, such as Kura Design Villas in Uvita or Jicaro Island Lodge on Lake Nicaragua, are closed, we invite staff to stay in the suites with their families,” says Cayuga’s general manager, Hans Pfister. “This way we put ourselves in the guests’ shoes and find out what makes a stay at Cayuga special, sharpens instincts when it comes to providing service and ensures better staff retention. “Waiter at Lily of the Valley.

Travel to Africa from Spain

From April to early November, Namibia enters the dry period where temperatures are very pleasant, and you can enjoy both the national parks, safaris for game viewing, sporting life or photography of the flora.

Within this period there are two moments, from April to June and November, where there is very little rainfall, the climate is ideal with temperatures of 24/28⁰C and with the added bonus that there is little tourism. Which makes the trip a much more special time without so many people looking for the same.

And the second time is from June to October, the middle of the dry season or in the middle of African winters. There is no rainfall in sight in those months and temperatures hover around 20/24⁰C, which means the weather can’t get any better.

And what activities will you be able to do? This time of year is ideal for flora viewing, sporting activities such as sandboarding, skydiving or hiking. Plan a safari, and for this you will need to go to Khaudum Park or the Skeleton Coast Wilderness Area.

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What is the best time to go on a Safari in Africa? is what you are asking yourselves, and here we are going to help you a little with this problem. The more you read about this type of adventure, other questions start to arise, such as: Where can we go on safari? Is it dangerous? How much does a safari cost?

To clear the air and clarify these questions, we recommend that you look carefully at where you would like to go on safari, and check when the great migration takes place in that area. In most of the parks that we have described here we have left you this information. Below you can see the most recommended destinations to go on safari.

Best time to go on safari in Botswana: May to November and only by air, there is no way to do it by land. You may also be interested in Moremi and Chobe, with the largest elephant population (estimated to be around 60,000).

Tanzania: Ngorongoro is the place where the whole melting pot of animals that inhabit Africa lives. This is because it is located in an old volcano, producing a warm microclimate that is very attractive to animals. best time: May to June, thus avoiding the tourist cars.

Best time to travel to South Africa

The month of June marks the beginning of the dry season for much of the continent. Therefore, when choosing a safari in Africa for 2022, we must know that the high season begins in June. Here’s everything you need to know about going on safari in June.

Thanks to the dry weather you will find at this time in both Kenya and Tanzania, the national parks lose the lushness they have achieved in the rainy season, so they have also lost volume and animals can be seen better. However, the price of safaris in June is higher, precisely because it is easier to see the animals. The good thing is that a safari in Africa in June will allow you to meet people who are on the same trip as you, and who share the same concerns as you. Any time is a good time to meet people!

June is one of the months in which most safaris are booked, because it not only coincides with the summer, but also most destinations are in the dry season, and animals can be seen almost without problem. Passing near lakes or rivers makes it possible to see mammals approaching these water sources to drink, so here are some of the best destinations to visit in June.

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