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Africa has been a continent burdened for decades by violence, underdevelopment and poverty. However, six decades after most of the continent began to be decolonized, several countries have begun to develop a thriving middle class.

The structure of the South African economy is that of a developed country, with a preeminence of the service sector, which is unusual in Africa. It stands out for its vast natural resources and has been considered one of the great emerging economies of the planet since the beginning of the 21st century, although its economy has suffered a significant slowdown since 2013.

This has allowed it to develop its economy, strongly supported by its oil and gas reserves. This dependence is precisely the great challenge to be solved by Algeria and which cost it an economic crisis in 2016, when the price of oil reached minimums across the planet. Thus, Algeria enters the list of the most developed countries in Africa.

The great asset of the Nigerian economy is its population of 188 million inhabitants, which, moreover, is growing at a very high rate. It also has significant natural resources, including oil, and its economy has managed to reach even greater size than South Africa’s. It accounts for 35% of sub-Saharan Africa’s GDP. It accounts for 35% of sub-Saharan Africa’s GDP.

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If you are looking for safe destinations to undertake a solo adventure, we share with you the best destinations to travel alone around the world. All of them are perfect to have an adventure with all the guarantees.

We are going to focus on other countries that have ideal conditions to enjoy the experience. Both for safety for the traveler, as for health conditions, openness to tourism or even welcoming culture with us.

There are great routes in Europe to travel alone, such as Greece, Croatia or Italy, or any Central European country like Slovakia or Czech Republic. But I have preferred to highlight two totally different adventures but that you can’t miss.

And of course, it shares the same ingredients with its neighbor Scotland. Where you can live one of your best adventures traveling the roads of the Highlands and visit many of its islands taken from another planet, such as Mull, Skye, Rum or Arran.

America is a great continent full of secrets and impressive places. We would need many lives to know it in depth, but as an experience I propose these two destinations to travel alone (and perhaps the best in the world).

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Mayotte is a French island located in the Comoros archipelago. Also called “the island of perfumes”, you will be enchanted by its wonderful nature. In the turquoise waters of Mayotte you will find multicolored fish, turtles, dolphins and whales. The island also has in its forests a great variety of plants, diverse fruit trees and several species of wild orchids.

Coming out of a great tourism school, I knew how to put my knowledge to good use in this sector. It allowed me to discover the thousand facets of the countries of the whole world. Precisely, I spend my time in traveling. And that helps me a lot to build my own life. Therefore, I write to give advice and ideas so that you can feel good and prepare your journey well. So, do not hesitate to communicate your opinions.

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One of the most frequent dilemmas among travelers is whether to engage the services of a travel agency or to embark on a free trip to the destination country. You can find dozens of opinions supporting both options and if you are planning an upcoming vacation, then it is best to clarify the advantages of each. For all those who wish to make a trip to Africa, the following paragraphs will describe the strengths of both alternatives according to the context of the trip.

In this way, the choice will depend on the benefits you wish to receive. As a general rule, young couples are the perfect candidates for free trips and all other groups are recommended to take a tour in order to discover Africa at its best.

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