Best countries to travel in africa

Okavango Delta


Tanzania and Kilimanjaro: Tanzania is an ideal country to visit parks and nature reserves, especially in the north of the country. One of its best known attractions is Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa (5891.8m) and a must for adventurers and explorers.

Egypt: a country full of history and culture, to which you will surely want to return more than once in your life to get to know it in depth. The pyramids of Giza or its numerous temples, such as the Great Temple of Ramses II, are some of the most precious jewels for tourists.

South Africa

This word, which in Swahili means journey, immerses us in the most abrupt nature where sunsets take on a special character and where some of the most dangerous species in the world coexist with the most ancestral tribes. Below, discover the 5 best destinations in Africa to go on safari.

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For the Maasai, who were the first to inhabit it, its name means “endless plain”. The park borders the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, a volcanic area and one of the most important places for the study of the evolution of the human species. The best time to go on safari in this area is in early summer, as this is when the Great Migration to the Masai Mara passes through the park.

Avenue of the baobabs

As a curiosity, only in Madagascar you can find 5% of all the species of plants and animals in the world. The landscapes are so rich and diverse that there are many things to see: deserts, beaches or tropical forests are the main attraction for travelers who come to Madagascar.

It is one of the most touristic countries in Africa thanks to the large number of different cities and their contrasts. You can choose from spending a few nights in one of the most luxurious hotels in the world in Marrakech to sleeping in a tent in the Merzouga desert.

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Planning a vacation to Africa will allow you to contemplate beautiful and impressive ecosystems, observe a great variety of mammals and rest in the wonderful and original luxury accommodations that are hidden in the Natural Parks, in addition to enjoying the best of African culture and its customs and native delicacies.

Ethiopia may be an unknown country to many. However, this country hides true natural, historical and cultural gems that will take your breath away. One of them is the Blue Nile Falls, located in the Horn of Africa, known by its native inhabitants as Tis Abay, which means “smoke of the Nile” or “smoking water”. It is a point on the river’s course where it has a 45-meter drop. So if you are thinking of choosing this destination for your 2019, you should know that the best time to visit it will be between the months of June and September, coinciding with the rainy season when the river increases its flow.

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