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One of the most special experiences that an animal and nature lover traveler can live is a safari in Africa and today I want to talk to you about the price of a safari in Kenya, because I am sure you have always wondered about it.

And what I want you to discover with me today is that it is not reserved only for a lucky few. Although the price of a safari in Kenya depends on the length of the trip and the accommodations chosen, it is an affordable trip.

So the best time to go on a Kenya safari and experience the great diversity of wildlife is between May and October, the period corresponding to the dry season, before the great migration.

During the dry season and with the scarcity of rainfall that comes with it, animals tend to gather near waterholes, rivers or lakes. This concentration of animals makes it easier for them to meet.

In addition, during this season the vegetation is scarcer and it is easier to observe the animals from a distance. Because there are animals that we can not get too close to, as is the case of hippos, famous for their aggressiveness even if it does not seem so.

Safari serengeti price

People tend to think that traveling to Africa is very cheap, but I always say that it is not so cheap. As there are few infrastructures prepared for tourists, prices go up much more than if, for example, we go to Southeast Asia, which is usually the cheapest option.

Other places such as traveling to Namibia or going on safari in Botswana are much more expensive. However, Kenya and Tanzania either together or separately, are quite prepared to make a safari and we can go cheap.

The first thing I have to say is that there are many ways to do a safari. I am going to talk about an organized safari, in group or private, with good hotels to rest, including excursions and with local guides who take us to see the animals in the park.

Obviously, if we travel on our own or stay in hotels of lower quality, the price for a safari in Tanzania can be cheaper, although it would not have the quality standards that I always look for.

How much does a safari in africa from mexico cost?

Places as remote and exotic as Mozambique or Malawi, as close as Morocco, or as popular as Kenya, are just some of the elite destinations that Africa has for you on this vacation.

The time has come for you to go to Africa, and in Kerala Travel we have the best option of Organized Tours for you to know the most emblematic places and fill you with adrenaline in the safaris. Do not hesitate and take advantage of one of our offers, we are waiting for you!

The Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Nakuru, the Avenue of the Baobabs, the Masai Mara Park, or the Sahara Desert, are some of the places you should visit at least once in your life. The cities of Johannesburg, Nairobi, Marrakech, Cape Town and Cairo are destinations that not only preserve the best of their traditions, but also work to be elite places, with a cultural, gastronomic and entertainment offer that seeks to compete on a global level.

Whether you are looking for something full of culture and traditions like Morocco or Egypt, or you prefer to give yourself completely to nature in a place as remote as Madagascar, the African continent is about to give you memories that will last a lifetime.

Safari Africa all inclusive price

We will not deny it, as soon as we found out that one of the destinations of the KLM Vuela Sostenible award was Cape Town, the first thing we did was to look at the budget to travel to South Africa, because we did not want to go over budget once we arrived at our destination.

When we started looking at prices on our own, we realized that traveling to South Africa on your own is not as expensive as it seems, and that the price of a safari in South Africa is much cheaper than in other countries. The fact that you can do the safari on your own and with your own car, allows you to reduce the costs drastically. And yes, it is totally safe to do a safari on your own.

South Africa has surprised us positively for being a very economical country, almost at Asian levels, believe it or not. The South African rand, the local currency, was at the time of our visit (August 2019) quite weak against the euro, which guaranteed us a very favorable exchange rate of 17R for 1€. We always look at the exchange rate on xe.com.

We wanted to simplify in an infographic the budget to travel to South Africa on your own in 12 days of travel, being two people (which is always somewhat cheaper when sharing expenses). As you can see, we have separated it into 3 parts, so that the expenses for each stage of the trip are clear.

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