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These are the best safari months in Southern Africa Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe are three safe Southern African countries with good tourist infrastructures, beautiful landscapes and some of the best safaris in Africa. That is why they are receiving increasing numbers of travelers. But not every month is the right month to travel there.

In November and December the rains start in Zimbabwe and to a lesser extent in Botswana (it never rains in Namibia), which makes the roads muddy and makes driving difficult. Not a good time for safaris.

The most fascinating flight over Africa Now that you know the best time to travel, I propose a flight over the best landscapes of Zimbabwe and Botswana. From the inselbergs of Matopos National Park to the Kalahari Desert and Victoria Falls. Fascinating Africa from a bird’s eye view, you will fall in love with it!

Best time to go on safari in kenya

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In addition, during this season the animals tend to concentrate around ponds, wells and accumulations of water so it is easier to observe them during the course of a safari. And as the vegetation is less lush and green, we can spot the animals more easily.

The best period to discover the Rift Valley and the West is from June to September, as well as from January to February. In this area you will find volcanoes, plains and lakes, as well as abundant and varied fauna. You will be able to tour the territory aboard safari vehicles in search of zebras, leopards, hippos, rhinos and other wildlife. Easier to spot are the thousands of pink flamingos that invade some of its lakes, such as Lake Nakuru.

Kenya’s many beaches are perfect for leisure and relaxation. Diani, Tiwi or Shela are some of the most beautiful in the country. We also recommend you to drop by the fishing villages, such as Takaungu and Watamu, wonderful.

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Although this is not always the case, in this case the rule holds true that there is no best time to visit Kenya. However, there are differences between the part of Kenya you want to visit. You will be able to visit all the areas in the same trip and at the same time, but you will not see them all in their maximum splendor. In this article we tell you what is the best season for each of the highlights of Kenya to visit on your safari adventure.

If you are organizing a trip in Kenya and you are not planning to do without Mount Kenya, it is key to avoid the rainy seasons, as a Mount Kenya safari is based on hiking, and temperatures can reach -10ºC. All this makes the best months for a Mount Kenya safari January and February, as well as September and October.

If what you want to include in your adventure in Kenya is a trip to the north, to make a safari in the Samburu Reserve, the recommended time are the months of November and December. This is because it is a very hot area, so it is best to visit in the cooler months. However, in June, July and August is the dry season, and temperatures drop in this area, so it can also be a good option, especially if you would like to combine this safari with another in high season.

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